Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, this is the last post of the season.....

Although many are predicting the powerhouses of FRANCE and GERMANY, I think the winner be actually be dark horse, "The Secret of Her Eyes"....

I'll admit that I've only actually seen "Ajami" and "The White Ribbon"....Although reviews have largely been positive, "The White Ribbon" is too divisive and confusing to come in first place....And the winner of Cannes never wins.

Peru and Israel should just be happy to have made it this far, so it's really a race between FRANCE and ARGENTINA.

ARGENTINA- The Secret of Her Eyes

2. FRANCE- A Prophet
3. GERMANY- The White Ribbon
4. PERU- The Milk of Sorrow
5. ISRAEL- Ajami

France and Germany have won many times, although France has an 18-year drought....Israel has never won....Peru has never been nominated before. Argentina has one win.

We'll see tonight!

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Vicky said...

you were right about this! this winner was the ony surprise in the oscar