Friday, December 20, 2013

Final Predictions

I expect the list to be finalized today, so writing this on an iPhone.

This is a really tough year....75 or 76 films (I heard one was disqualified for no subtitles) and so few locks....

Fingers crossed for my favorite film so far- The Netherlands' dark horse "Borgman"
Almost locked:
1. IRAN- "The Past"
2. DENMARK- "The Hunt"

Predicted Shortlist
3. SERBIA- "Circles"
4. SAUDI ARABIA- "Wadjda"
5. CHILE- "Gloria"
6. BELGIUM- "Broken Circle Breakdown"
7. FINLAND- "The Disciple"
8. JAPAN- "The Great Passage"
9. MEXICO- "Heli" (surprise elite committee save)

Extremely strong alternates- 
10. PALESTINE- "Omar"
11. SINGAPORE- "Ilo Ilo"
12. AUSTRALIA- "The Rocket"
13. BOSNIA- "An Episode in the Life on an Iron Picker"
14. ITALY- "The Great Beauty"
15. GERMANY- "Two Lives"
16. KAZAKHSTAN- "Shal"
17. NETHERLANDS- "Borgman"
18. HONG KONG- "The Grandmaster"

Dark horses-
19. ROMANIA- "Child's Pose"
20. SLOVENIA- "Class Enemy"
21. ISRAEL- "Bethlehem"
22. MOROCCO- "God's Horses"
23. CANADA- "Gabrielle"
24. CAMBODIA- "The Missing Picture"
25. POLAND- "Walesa"

Real long-shots
26. HUNGARY- "The Notebook"
27. SPAIN- "15 Years and a Day"
28. PHILIPPINES- "Transit"
29. GEORGIA- "In Bloom"
30. CZECH REP.- "The Don Juans"
31. LUXEMBOURG- "Blind Spot"
32. ALBANIA- "Agon"
33. ICELAND- "Of Horses and Men"
34. CROATIA- "Halima's Path"

Everyone else (including Brazil and France)? Better luck next year 

FRANCE- "Renoir"

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