Sunday, February 28, 2016

FINAL PREDICTION- An expected victory for Hungary

So, I predicted four of the five nominees this year.....

While I'm disappointed that my favorite film of 2015- "The Brand New Testament" failed to advance, I cannot be too upset that Colombia's smart arthouse adventure "Embrace of the Serpent" took its place. I'm so happy that the Colombians made it to the finals after three decades of trying. Colombia and Jordan are both real winners here. The nomination will be a huge boost to the local film industries.

I'll keep this post short as the Oscar starts in 90 minutes.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that "Son of Saul" is probably going to win this. People have been saying that for six months and it never lost its front-runner status. However, there are rumors circulating around the Internet that "Son of Saul" was actually "saved" by the elite committee after a more mixed reception from the Large Committee than anyone expected. In this case, the tragic but uplifting "Mustang" from France (?!) is waiting in the wings. I'd personally prefer to see "Mustang" win than yet another Holocaust drama but I haven't been able to "Son of Saul" to compare the two directly.

1. HUNGARY- Son of Saul  (60%)
2. FRANCE- Mustang (28%)
3. COLOMBIA- Embrace of the Serpent (7%)
4. DENMARK- A War (4%)
5. JORDAN- Theeb (1%)

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